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Dream Dream Dream Dream
"Success doesn't come to you...you go for it."
D & T CONNECTION, INC. was established for the purpose of teaching people who are highly motivated, but lacking resources and direction to achieve their goals. “We teach people to teach themselves.” We discovered there are several ways to finance a work organization: government grants, federal aid, private donations, etc. We create financial support for the organization while learning several principles:
Self Esteem
Self Discipline
Work Ethic
Spiritual Growth
Positive Mental Attitude
Goal Setting
Public Relations
Communication Skills
The managers of D & T CONNECTION, INC. have over 15 years of experience in sales and sales training. The manager and field manager are responsible for training each individual agent. Trainees are enrolled from different states and backgrounds. They are trained for several weeks until they are allowed to branch out on their own. They receive commissions from each subscription that is purchased. In order to complete training they must accumulate 20,000 credits in their assigned areas, while learning the importance of goal setting and salesmanship.

With the support of patrons, such as yourself, this can be possible. With the proceeds we earn from reading materials, we place ads in local newspapers and radio stations to recruit the agents who want to do something for themselves. We purchase vehicles to transport and pay for room and board for new trainees. We do this until they are able to support themselves.

FRAUD ALERT! There has been an identity theft by A company called “SECOND START CONNECTION”and “NEW BEGINNING ASSOCIATION”their address is listed as:1981 Hwy 5 Grand Cane, LA 71032. Their claiming to be with our company but is not. If you come into contact with this company please do not give them or their associates any business, and contact local authorities immediately.

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